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what is

sound meditation

Sound meditation is literally a meditation on sound. We open ourselves to deep and mindful listening - activating our observational senses to experience sound with the whole body.


You may begin to notice how the various tones and instruments activate, stimulate and relax different parts of your physical body.


We also bring awareness to how Sound can affect the emotional body - releasing residues of grief, stress, anxiety and anger or opening to feeling more joy, love, peace and gratitude.

As the mind engages in active listening the sound soothes the mental body. By creating an engaging soundscape, there is simply no room for thinking, only a curious observation and appreciation of the sounds.



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About Katie

Katie Underwood is a certified Meditation Teacher and has a Diploma in Sound healing Therapy. She studied Tibetan sound healing with Lama Tendar (the Dalai Lamas's Chant Master) and trained with Jonathan Goldman in the USA - Grammy Award winner (for his meditation albums) and author of 'Healing Sounds'. Katie released her first meditation album 'Madrigal' last year - now available on all digital platforms & CD.

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